Can't take my dogs anywhere

Once upon a time I lived in Los Angeles. Well Sherman Oaks/Studio CIty. I remember when I was able to take my dogs just about anywhere. I would take them to Venice Beach, Third Street Promenade, or the famous The Grove. Los Angeles is one of the most Dog Friendly cities I have ever lived at. I remember eating lunch with a friend at The Grove and had my dog with me (of course it is only acceptable in the outside patio). My dogs LOVED it!!! They loved the attention, the atmosphere, all the butts they can they were Happy Dogs.

Fast Forward to the NOW:

I hate leaving my dogs at home. It makes me sad because I know they are sad to see me go. Now I live in Fresno and everywhere I go I read signs indicating that DOGS are not allowed. Even places where you would think it wouldn't be a problem, like a Farmers Market or a outdoor malls. Riverpark Shopping Center has signs posted all throughout the mall. I plan on attending a Farmers Market in Hanford which also does not allow dogs. SO SAD!!!!  My dogs are becoming anti-human and have serious trust issues with other humans besides the family. Now they bark at every person that walks by my house and refuse to come out of their room when company comes by.

Why? Why not allow animals at outdoor events? Can I petition to have the city ordinances revoked? Dogs in Fresno seem more unhappy than those Happy go Lucky Dogs in LA. They're on lockdown at home like a criminal. j/k....I guess they can go to the dog park and socialize with other dogs.

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