Rediscovering a whole different Fresno than the one I grew up in...

I grew up in a small farm town called Fowler, California. Not much to do and the little we had to do was 15-20 minute drive in Fresno. I couldn't wait for the day I graduated from high school and moved as far away possible (but not too far). The day I moved onto the UC Santa Barbara campus as a freshman was the first day I felt I could breath in a very long time. I discovered a whole new world being away from Fowler, traveled to Italy, and eventually graduated from UCSB and moved to the big metropolis of LOS ANGELES.

It's funny how life has a big sense of humor. Nearly 10 years later I ended up right where I started. Well not quite, I do live in Fresno now, not Fowler. It's a small step up but nonetheless a difference. 
 The day I decided to move back with my husband was a day of mixed emotions. Sure, I was happy to be close to my family again but I was leaving a life I became to accustomed to living. Drinking a cup of joe in Studio City, shopping on Ventura Blvd, visiting LACMA, and taking the subway to work in the Fashion Downtown District. Not to mention Malibu Beach on the weekends. But now that was all behind me. No more trendy shops, no more celebrity bump ins, and no more great art. 

That was until I actually got into the community and discovered the real Fresno. Apart from the popular spots, Riverpark or Fig Garden, I discovered exactly what I was looking for in Downtown and Tower District. I have found my people. The young-at-heart, Artist, eco-friendly freaks, bloggers and new-age-entrepreneurs. I love the loft living they have created near the Mural District, the unique shops on Olive, and the overall atmosphere that these people have created. I may not love Fresno yet but I definitely have more respect for it now. 
I have listed a couple links to show my recent discoveries and hopefully help those looking for the same things discover a whole new fresno. 

-Mark October 29th in your Calendar "Pooch Parade, Canine Carnival & Costume Contest"

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