Training a puppy to be a DOG- DAY 7

My mother in law got a new puppy last week and has asked me to babysit while she's at work.
By "babysit" she meant house train. I trained both my dogs to be in-door dogs and my mother's dog Chicle (literally means gum cause he sticks to you like gum, lol) so apparently I have become the dog whisperer.

I had forgotten how much work goes into training a puppy. They're sleep schedule is crazy, he never wants to be in his caged area, he pees and poopies everywhere ( I mean everywhere-couch, lap, his bed), and my older dogs hate him. Every dog is different so I have to approach this puppy from a different angle. For starters, I got all my dogs old toys and make sure to leave them in his presence. I learned the hard way with my dog Chanel that puppies teeth and they will chew everything, including the antique wooden floor in my apartment or wicker basket in the restroom (which comes out in their poop so it is very dangerous). Right now, this puppy is into carpet, feet, and electrical cords so I have to keep a close watch on him and make sure he's chewing his toys not my tv cord.

This is DAY 7 of puppy fest. 

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