Can't sleep thanks to neighbors barking dog....

My neighbor has the cutest, most adorable, loyal mutt one could have but........ he won't stop barking at night. Last night for example, he literally barked from 9 at night to 4 in the morning. It was insane. Around 1 in the morning I though he would of tired himself to sleep but nope he just kept going.

 I've spoken to my neighbor and she has no idea why he barks so much. She thinks it's cats but you never know these days. My dogs bark when they hear someone come in through the front door or hear a car door close shut but not for hours. They prefer beauty sleep :)

 I took it upon myself to find some online guidance to get this dog to stop barking so much. Maybe these articles will help some of you with the same issue.

Remember dogs bark for a reason, it's finding out that reason. Hope these links help some of you and help me get more sleep.


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