Had a lovely February 1st, how was yours?

I went to Barnes n Nobles the other day and discovered this awesome magazine called "Moderndog".
It has some awesome articles, one which particularly touched my heart and another that led me to want to donate to the cause.

"Home at Last: the triumph by Michael Vick's 'Los Dogs,' a tale of redemption"- by Melissa Barr
The article talks about the 51 dogs that were rescued and rehabilitated after the discovery of Michael Vick's dog fighting operation. The article truly made me cry and has led me to purchase the book by Jim Gorrant called "The Lost Dogs" which is a must read to get some insight into the fate of these poor creatures after they were seized from Vick's property. [Book review to follow]

"Beyond the Rubble: Japan's Four Legged Victims" (sorry no link for article but I found a similar article in The Seattle Times called "Dogs in Japan's nuclear zone turning wild" )

Many dogs still remain unaccounted for after the horrific events that happened in Japan, especially in an area near Fukushima nuclear power plant and are feared to be feral. Many organizations out there are looking to help these animals be rescued and hopefully returned to their families.

The following links were listed in Moderndog magazine as organization taking donations for the cause:
  Japan Animal Welfare Society and World Society for the Protection of Animals 

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