What do you do when you find out your dog is overweight? 

According to everyone I know, my dog is overweight. My vet has never said anything to me but to help get her on the healthy side my husband has offered to take her for a long walk every night. Apparently an overweight dog these days isn't that uncommon but there are many misconceptions and misinformed dog owners.

Here is list of things I learned by surfing the internet:

1.) Healthy dogs do not need to eat everyday if you are feeding them good quality food. If your dog doesn't want to eat, don't force him/her.

2.) Spaying and neutering causes obesity, FALSE. Don't let that be an excuse for having an obese pet

3.) According to petMD  there are four type of overweight dogs: The Nibbler, The Beggar, The Good Dog,  and The Gourmet Dog.  Finding out which type of dog you have will help the owner understand that they're partly to blame! (that's what I got out of it, bad owner! My dog is definitely a Beggar and a Nibbler lol )

4.) Be conscience of what kind of dog food you buy your furry friend.  The Science of Pet Food will help make pet food shopping a little easier. It's important that the dog is getting good nutrients in their food and not all that bad stuff..yuck! I know this one is hard when you're on a budget and gas prices keep climbing but it might help you save money on the longrun to have a healthy pet. Those vet bills will pile up later on.

5.) Everyone needs to be on the same page about the dog's diet. No sneeking an extra treat when no one is looking. The dog may look sad but you will be helping them to a longer and healthier life. 

6.) Think of the dog as your own personal trainer, your inspiration and take it for a jog. It will help the dog lose weight and maybe the owner. haha!

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