Preparing your dog for a new baby


As an expecting (new) mama, I have decided to blog a little about what I am doing to prepare my two mutts for the new baby. They're so use to being spoiled by me and smothered with love that I am nervous that they will not be too happy when some of that attention is shifted to the new baby. says you should start preparing the dogs early either while trying to conceive or as soon as you know you are pregnant. The sooner you start preparing your dogs the better results you will have.

Setting aside a space:
Set aside a special/private spot for your dog in your home where he/she could spend time in and not be disturbed. This place could be a laundry room, spare bathroom, dog crate etc. Make sure to place their water bowl, food dish, blanket, and toys in that room. This will give them a place to go to when things get a little hectic or loud with the babies crying.

Kids like to grab, pull, and don't care that it's the dog. Prepare your dog for the rough handling of kids. I remember when my nephew was 3 he had a cookie in his hand, he offered some to the dog and the dog took the whole cookie. My nephew was so mad that he grabbed his mouth and pried it open looking for his cookie. The dog did nothing but let him.  
Area of interest to young children: ears, inside of mouth, tails, and paws. Start by touching your dog in these spots and getting them use to it. Practice this 3-4 times a day and have treats near by.

**my dog has a tail that curls and hates being touched there**

Make sure to get your dog up to date on all their vaccines before the babies arrival. Very Important.

Hire a trainer:  
If you feel like your dog will have serious issues with children and don't have the time please consider hiring a trainer with experience in this area.

Most pregnancy books will have a section on this area.

Some books to read:

Child proofing your dog by Brian Kilcommons
And Baby makes Four by Penny Scott-Fox
 Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby
How to prepare my pet for our new baby via

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