STORY TELLING TIME     About a week ago we had a beautiful german shepherd abandoned in front of the business where I work at.  

(not this one but isn't he a cutie..found the pic online)

Well its an assumption that she was abandoned but I'm almost positive that is exactly how she came to be in my life. One day the receptionist noticed a dog sleeping on the front lawn and realized she was either lost or abandoned. We noticed she was limping and that she recently had pups. At first we didn't know what to think or what to do. Good thing for her everyone there was a major dog lover with huge hearts. Little by little we started bringing her water, food and treats including the owner. Everyone in the office starting taking pictures, facebooking, texting, and asking around if anyone was missing a pet.

(Couldn't take a better picture because every time I got close she would walk away)

Even though we couldn't give her much at work she remained laying in front lawn for a whole week

 No one came around and what started as a sad story ended as a Happy Ending! She was adopted by one of senior executives and quickly was swept off to a beautiful ranch on the countryside.

What ANGERS me is how people in this world can be cold hearted and abandon their pets like dumping an old couch on the side of the road. I know options are limited but "People" need to think twice before bringing a pet home. A dog is not something you bring home on a trial period, it's a long time commitment.  

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