CHLOE: from the hood to a home...a Mutt's Tale

A Mutt's Tale

I'm not only a dog lover, I am a mutt lover.
 Okay let me explain.... 

 I love all dogs: Pugs, Pitbulls, Yorkies, big & small, full breeds & mutts but my passion like a college degree...has an emphasis and mine is Mutts

 I always say "Mutts need love too!!!!!" You never see a Mutt on the cover of a national dog Magazine or a Dog Championship showcasing a category for Mutts...Nope! 

 Mutts are one of kind...especially MINE. You can't duplicate the same mutt in the next litter..Mutts are a mixture of breed after breed (special blend of many breeds) to make a mutt. And a poodle with a yorkie is not technically a mutt...its a hybrid. 

A mutt is.... "who knows what it is?". The less you know, the better.

  There are so many mutts out in the world without homes, why pay hundreds of dollars for a full breed when you can have a "one of kind" dog for much much less. Isn't that what people want "One of a kind". 

 This is where the story one of a kind dogs!

NAME: Chloe "Coco" Almeraz-Gomez
BREED: Pure Mutt or Shoot I DONT KNOW
WEIGHT: 9lbs
COAT: Ombre "dirty blond with Plantinum tips"lol
SPECIAL TALENTS: talks with her paws, stands on her two hind legs for 1 min plus. (especially when treat in hand)

After adopting Chanel (our first Mutt) husband and I decided we needed another dog. Chanel was lonely and I wanted another puppy to play with. My husband's brother mutt had another little of mutts. After I got over the fact that they still hadn't spayed the dog...seriously 3 litters! I decided I wanted another mutt. Ulises told me which one do you want...out of 7 pups...I chose the one that hid under a stack of logs..she was scrawny, scared, with little white socks on all four feet. THAT'S THE ONE! 

And she's been a Momma's girl ever since. 

We always make jokes because we say she went from hood to Hollywood ( we lived in LA at the time). Most of her siblings went to the SPCA and most likely didn't get adopted which makes me sad. She's a super spoiled mutt...sleeps inside in a warm bed that she shares with her sister, she has a selection of dog collars and leashes compliments of MUTSS-N-BONES, a wardrobe to keep her warm in the winter and stylish in the summer. Showered with kisses and hugs every day from dawn to dusk. We take them to grandma's house for all special holidays and has a baby sitter when we go out of town. People think we treat them too much like a child but they are our children!

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