Mutts-n-Bones Rescue home in the making...

Mutts-n-Bones rescues another one!

Today is the third day of OPERATION "Find Baby Girl's Home". Baby Girl AKA DeeDee (I told my husband not to name her but he named her anyways) is a lost  chocolate lab. At least I'm hoping she's lost because it break my heart to believe someone would abandon such a beautiful creature.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the company I work for is a office full of animal lovers and it's almost like animals know they can go there for HELP because every other month someone in my office is either taking a kitten home or rescuing a dog. They might as well should add "ANIMAL RESCUE" to the name of the company. LOL

DeeDee was found by one of the salesman out in the country side of Hanford, Ca.He put her in the back of his truck and brought her to the office. As I walked out the door I asked the receptionist who the Chocolate Lab outside belong to? She said "she's lost"....My heart breaks my heart to see lost pets. I decided I had a duty to help find her parents or at least a new home. I put her in my car and I immediately called my husband to come pick her up.  At first he wasn't to happy with the idea of bringing another dog home but I told him it would be least I hope. 

DeeDee is sweet, house trained, and quickly took on the nickname QUEEN of the house. At first my other dogs didn't like her very much, in fact they were terrified when they first saw her, but they've learned to accept that she's not going anywhere (at least for the moment).... They especially don't like that DeeDee has taken over their bed, is eating their food, and is playing with their toys. By the second day I realized that what DeeDee wants DeeDee gets! (hence me coming home to finding her on MY BED) And what did I do? I covered her with a blanket because she looked cold lol.

Today we are taking her to the vet to see if she has a microchip, if not I have called a majority of the animal shelters in the area asking if anyone has called looking for a chocolate lab...The word is out and I'm crossing my fingers that DeeDee's story has a HAPPY ENDING....if not I will be forced to adopt her because there is no way she is going anywhere but to a good home.

*****UPDATE*****  1/12/13
We found her Mama and she's going home Monday. Her family owns a dairy and she's always outdoors so that explains her stickiness..Apparently she is always wondering off and looking to hitch a free thing she has a microchip. "DeeDee" is going home. 


*****NEW UPDATE***** 1/18/13

Dog rescue story takes another turn...Monday the salesman (he found the dog) got a call from the dairy that is Sara's AKA DeeDee parents and it turns out that they didn't really want her back.
He called me and asked me if I would want to take her in and the thought of her going back home to people who don't really want her made me sick to my stomach. Sara is staying with us which put a huge smile on my husband's face because he has been wanting a big dog for a while. She is quickly adjusting and so are the mutts. Chloe is being more of a brat than Chanel but Sara doesn't care. I'm kind of excited because I have been wanting a new dog!

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