Happy World Spay Day

I've heard every excuse in the book as to why people do not spay/neuter their dogs but the truth is that there are only 2 real reasons


This may be cute for a week

But with a cute litter comes this...........

Get off your butt and get your dog fixed! Money shouldn't be an excuse when you drop over 60 dollars for dinner and a movie

Those who do take the time to research the topic will learn that there are many benefits to spaying/neutering your pet (not just preventing a unwanted litter)
1. Longer life
2. No mess-when female dogs go into heat
3. Male dogs tend to behave better when neutered
4. cost effective...the cost to spay/neuter your dog will be a lot less than the food/care you will have to give the unwanted litter.
5. Stops overpopulation! Helps reduce the amount of unwanted dogs in shelters and many who are put down. 
6. You can spay/neuter your pets as early as 8 weeks

People need to stop thinking of dogs as a materialistic "things" that can be discarded when it is no longer wanted and think of them as living beings who have emotions just like humans. 

If you need to spay/neuter your pet, its not too late 

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