Boy does my dog SHED! ~SHEDDING-PALOOZA~

Now that I have a Lab I realized what a shedding problem other dogs do not shed like this and it is seriously taking over my house. I came home one day to comb my dogs HAIR and panicked the moment the comb went through her fur. A large amount of hair was on the brush and immediately I thought something was wrong. I called my husband and told him the situation...all he did was LAUGH. I didn't understand why it was so funny until he explained that this breed of dogs sheds a large amount of fur after winter. 

This is week 3...OMG..FUR Here...FUR there....FUR EVERYWHERE.

 I decided I needed to read up on this and look for advice on controlling the issues.

Two types of shedding  "Year Round" and "Seasonal"

I guess that makes sense right, humans bundle up in the winter to stay warm, labs have an extra coat of fur. When the weather starts warming up, humans bring out their summer clothes, labs "blow off their coat" ok it's technically called "blowing coat". This helps shed the thicker second coat to make room for a lighter summer coat. 

Tile/Wooden Floors

Thank goodness for tile floors because it makes cleaning the whole house of shedding-poolza much easier and fast.If you have carpet, I strongly suggest investing in wooden/tile floors or a really really good vacuum.

Couch Covers/ Bed Throws

If your dogs are anything like mine, they think of the couch and your bed as their bed. Cover them immediately otherwise invest in a really good lint brush. I suggest a lint brush instead of the roller (the sticky ones). The lint roller is no match for shedding-palooza.

Brushing Hair Regularly
Invest in a good brush for your dog or FURminator deshedding too. Comb their hair routinely to help remove the unwanted hair before it ends up on your bed, floor, couch. I comb's Sara's hair every other day (or everyday) when I get home from work. I suggest combing their hair outside because that fur won't just stick to the brush but it will fly on you and it will be all over the floor. 

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