Funny Story---Sara ate our dinner!


The other day I decided to grill some boneless chicken breast and smother them with this delicious BBQ sauce I bought at the farmers market....boy was I excited.  I had the chicken defrosting in the fridge so when I got home....I took them out  and placed them on the kitchen counter while the grill was warming up....BIG MISTAKE

I usually walk my three dogs in shifts: Chloe&Chanel and then I walk Sara (that girl can walk and she smells everything). So I decided while the grill was warming up, I would walk C&C first. I took them for a 15 minute walk. When I got back I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed the plate with the chicken....wait a minute....WHERE'S THE CHICKEN?????

YUP.....Sara ate our dinner!

 I don't know if anyone else does this but the first thing I do when my dogs have a rash, or eat something they aren't suppose to I HEAD TO GOOGLE....When Sara ate the raw chicken, I didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing...I was leaning more towards it being I GOOGLED to it.

Turns out its not bad for them but nutritional :)

I read this helpful article and it got me thinking....maybe I should start a new diet for Sara.  

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