It's so hard to say man's best friend

I recently found out that my neighbor, a sweet-much older-man, had to put his companion, a beautiful Chow Chow (old Chow Chow, could barely get up to bark) to sleep. He's one of those neighbors that you see walking his dog, watering his law, etc but don't really know well, other than to say Good Morning or Good Afternoon.

::Helooked just like this guy::

My morning routine consisted of walking my Sara through the neighborhood, Sara almost purposely stopping in front of his house while the Chow Chow laid on the porch, her taking care business right in front of him, and the Chow barking at Sara for marking on his territory. This happened almost DAILY until one day I noticed the Chow wasn't on the porch. I didn't think anything of it for a couple days, but a couple days became a week, and finally when I saw my neighbor and said Good Morning, I did the daunting task of asking for the dog and he told me what happened. He lived a long and GOOD life and it was just time to say GOODBYE. 

I decided to dedicate this weeks 
"Doggie Item of the Week" 
to those loving furry friends we have lost

Shar Pei Garden Stake Memorial by Art by Jack

I think these rocks are a beautiful way of remembering our pets, especially for us who love to garden.

Dog Memorial River Rock by Main Line Designs

My fave..I love charmed pieces

Dog Remembrance Necklace by Equine Expressions by D

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