Doggie Items of the Week: a little of this and a little of that

Sorry for being MIA. Had to Skip a couple weeks. I've had a busy month. 
I still made time to keep an eye out for cute doggie finds. It amazes me how creative people can be when it comes to our pets and dog lovers :)

Eco Friendly Tug Toys by MooChews Dog Toys

Cute Westie Dog Keyring by Alex McQuade Textiles

Unique Dachshund pen/pencil Holder. Great piece for dog lovers by Jauku Desigsn

Jauku Designs Specializes in Creative Eco Friendly Gift ideas based out of Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Website: Jauku Design

Cute doggie dress and doggie hat with Skulls n Bones by The Doggie Market

Doggie Rubber Stamp (available in different breeds) by RADstamps

SUPER CUTE nautical Dress by OROSTANI Couture

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