Sara ...Thee Escape Artist!

She did it again! How does she do it...only she knows!

YESTERDAY: Got off work and headed to Starbucks for a Refresher (I love those drinks) and I look at phone 4 missed calls and a text. 
TEXT: I have your dog, we're at the park

ME: I'm sorry but who is this. 

TEXT: I found your dog but we took her to police station

ME in my HEAD: OMG She did it AGAIN!

Yup! Sara escaped again ( by again I mean that's how I came to have her, her previous family called her an escape artist and now I believe it)...thankfully in the small town of Fowler where my parents live. Who knows how long she was out wondering. A family that was BBQing at the park found her, fed her well (steak according the police) and took her to the police inbound when I didn't reply. 

I am thankful I bought those dog tags for my dogs.  Microchips are good but its always a good idea to have a dog tag on your dog and its license. 

The police were amazed with how friendly she is and told me that they had no trouble getting her into their car. They opened the door and she just jumped in. I told them that's a good thing and a bad thing because that means anyone can kidnap my dog lol.

My dad says the gate was locked so she must have jumped the fence...never a dull moment with Sara.

She's home safe now and apparently had quite thee adventure. 

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