Doggie Items of the Week...GOOD STUFF

Humorous Dog Card by LizzysCardz
I don't know if you are like this but whenever you go to the store to buy a card for friend or love one you gravitate towards the ones with animals on them. 

Dog Bag with towel by Bee@Home

I actually like this idea. I use an old Dog Carrier as a travel bag for my dogs (since my dogs are too big now to be carried around in a bag lol). Plus its cute, pink and argyle print. I pack their toys, toothbrush, food/snacks, brush, etc. 

I love dog artwork 
Bulldog Painting by ThingsFromSashaLynn

Dog Charm Bracelet by BlackberryDesigns

I love charm bracelets and this one is extra special. 
Show you love for dogs!

Dog tags are just as important as microchips, boy do I know! I get a call at least once a month from my neighbors. I really don't know how my dog does it, she must know magic. I love this one!

 Custom Dog Tags by  Critter Bling 

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