Doggie Fun in the Sun this 4th of July

The fourth is right around the corner and we dog lovers need to remember that even though we love fireWORKS our dogs DON'T.

- Make sure to keep your dogs safe, inside if possible, and keep an eye on them to make sure they don't run off. 
-If you can, take them somewhere where you know there will be no fireworks, parents, grandparents. 
- TRUST ME they don't care to see them or hear them, they're not missing out. 

Have fun and remember to share your HAMBURGER and WATERMELON with Fido :) Minus the hot DOG lol


-fat free plain yogurt ( the less sugar the better)
-Peanut Butter
-Cooked Chicken (with little or no seasoning)
-Apple Slices

Doggie Items of the Week: SPECIAL 4th of July Edition

Doggie Greeting Cards by DoggyDesign

Cute Cute Dress, 50's inspired by PiggyinPink

For the girly girl, a red white and blue TuTu by IzzysCouture

Fourth of July Dog Bandanna by AdopTee's

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