Doggie Adventure from California to Mississippi

Our adventure from California to Mississippi

Traveling with dogs isn't always easy but it's not impossible. 
Chloe and Chanel were super excited to get on the road. We got to visit the Grand Canyon which allows dogs as long as they are on leashes. 
We stayed the night in Flagstaff, AZ. After doing my research I figured out that almost all LA QUINTA Hotels allow up to 2 dogs to stay-no additional charges. The La QUINTA Hotel in Flagstaff was supper dog friendly and my dogs made plenty of friends riding the elevator.

We stopped at Old TOwn Albuquerque, NM for lunch and a little shopping. 

It took us forever to get across Texas but we survived. Two days later we finally made it to my sisters in Mississippi. Being 16 weeks pregnant and traveling with two dogs isn't easy but we did it. With a little help from a wonderful man ;)

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