Love Hate Relationship: Dogs & Cats living under one roof

I recently acquired a cat into my life. I haven't lived with a cat since my childhood. I don't love cats but I don't hate them either. "Socks" attacks my feet every chance he gets but he also cuddles in my lap as sit and type this post :)

 My dogs on the other hand think of the cat as a extraterritorial. The only time they've encountered a cat is on the street attempting to run after them as if it were their last meal. 
The first day they were a little scared of it especially when the cat hissed at them for sniffing his booty.

But it's funny how animals adapt quickly. Chanel loves chasing the cat in her playful manner.  At first I thought Chanel was harassing the cat but I noticed the cat would go out of its way to look for chanel. The first thing Chanel does when she wakes up is look for the cat. And yesterday I found them sleeping together AWWW

There are two kind of relationships: 

Chanel Loves the cat and wants to play. Chanel has always been the more curious playful puppy-at-heart type.

Chloe hates the cat and stays as far away from it as possible. Chloe is scared of her own shadow so it makes sense that she would be scared of E.T. :)

I will have to keep my camera handy to catch some of those adorable Cat/Dog MOMENTS. Like yesterday I saw them sitting together looking out the glass door but by the time I got my camera it was just Chanel looking at the neighbor mowing their lawn.

Typical Love Story...Dog meets Cat, Cat hisses, Dog sniffs cat's bottom, Cat and Dog falls in love :)

I found this video on youtube that's unbelievably cute! 
Cat Walks DOG

Dog and Cat Cute Finds

Cute greeting cards by Hello Harriet

Dog and Cat Brooch by Indiecreativ

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