Happy National Mutt DAY!

For those of you who didn't know..today is National Mutt Day! 
Both Chanel and Chloe are 100% Mutt, the best breed in the world. 

Top 5 reasons I love my mutts

1.) For some reason I think my dogs give me extra love because if it wasn't for me they might have ended up on death row. Most mutts aren't adopted because their not purebred, a little ugly, have some kind of imperfection (Chanel has a small head for her body) and it's sad but some people are a little vain when it comes to their dogs. 

2.) Their not perfect and neither am I which is a perfect match

3.) If you really think about it, their extra special because they have a little yorkie, a little poodle, a little this and that. 
4.)Unlike many purebreds, my dogs don't have any major health issues, which I have read, Mutts tend to have less serious health issues because their most likely not subjected to inbreeding. (don't hold me to this, I read this in PetMD or somewhere)

5.)Last, because I have no idea what they are, I like saying they are 100% Mutts, a special unique kind of breed.

According to the National Mutt Day 
Benji and Old Yeller were both Mutts that were adopted from animal shelters.

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