Valentine's Day Doggie Items of the Week

For everyone who follows my blog....this Valentine's Day Edition of Doggie Item of the Week will be my last Doggie Items of the Week for a while. As many of you know, I expecting my first child,ironically my due date is set at February 14. I will be taking blogger "Maternity Leave" 

 Hope everyone has a wonderful day of love and make sure to show your pets how much you love them!

These treats look so good and I'm not a dog lol

Wag Stick Valentine's Day Doggie Treats by SignatureBons

Keep your dog warm this "PolarVortex" winter with a cute knitted sweater by RoyalFiFi

Fleece Heart PJ's by Little Dog Fashion

Show how much you love your PUG

Pug heart pillow by Alfie and Rex

I love this idea...customized Valentine's Day Dog Cards
with your own dog's photo.

Custom Dog Photo Vday Dog Cards by CakePrintShop

Super Cute!! Girly Dog Tutu by PugznGiggles

Can't forget the dress for the Girly Girl

Cute Valentine's Day Dog Dress by Paw Lane

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