MOMMY JOURNAL: Juggling-Furbabies and Baby

Today's post is going to be part of my new segment THE MOMMY JOURNAL

Now that I am a mom (to a human baby that is) so much has changed. I use to spend my time between my business, my dogs, and my family. Now my world revolves around Noah and everyone/everything else is lucky to get a smidge of my time. The hardest part has been juggling my time and affection between my baby and furbabies. 

Small Example of what I am talking about
The other day there was a huge storm coming through and Chloe was shaking on my bed every time there was thunder. I was nursing my baby so it was hard for me to be at two places at once. I decided to move to the bed and have Chloe cuddled on one arm while nursing the baby on the other. 
 Juggling your attention between the three isn't easy especially when your dogs have had your undivided attention for 7 years but you have to try.

Every book I read before having Baby Noah gave advice on how to prepare your dogs for a new baby. I tried but when I came home with the baby...they were not happy AT ALL. I had to move the girls to another room to sleep since they kept barking when the baby was sleeping. Chanel started having accidents in the house ( trying to get Momma's attention Hmmmm) 
They only wanted their Mom and everyone else didn't matter. Thank goodness with time things got better. No More Accidents-Chanel likes to sleep next to Noah when he's having tummy time- Chloe has ACCEPTED Noah ( I say accepted because she still keeps her distance and gives evil looks every so often when I'm cuddling with Noah)

SUPER POWER I WISH I HAD: For those Harry Potter Fans, when Hermione can go back in time to be at two places at once. Man I wish I could do that. Feed the dogs-Feed the baby-Walk the dogs-Sleep-Feed Noah- Feed myself! 


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