Things happen for a reason..

My mom always says....Things happen for a reason..and I guess in twisted way it's true. 

A couple weeks ago, Chloe was hit by a car (no one saw it happen but the injury and where she was found points to a hit and run) and this has been my biggest nightmare with my dogs since I moved to Mississippi(no fences). I wasn't home when it happened but when my sister called to tell me what had happened, I rushed home as soon as I could and right away I called the vet. This is where a great vet hospital pays off. They were 15 minutes from closing and instead of turning me away or sending me to urgent animal care they stayed open a little later for me. Right away the vet examined her and thankfully nothing was broken but she was injured. He didn't recommend any unnecessary/expensive scans but gave me his honest opinion as a "Vet" and "Pet parent". He told me the best thing was to send Chloe home with a small supply of anti inflammatory/ pain relieving meds and if within a couple days I didn't see any changes to bring her back so we could decide the next step. 

  two days later...I decided to take her in even though she was doing better and right away the vet knew it was a pelvic bone fracture. Once the swelling had gone down, she had some nasty bruises on her right leg. He said that it would heal with time. As I was checking chloe out, I asked if it was okay to leave some business cards on their community board since I make dog collars and other accessories. They right away asked me for more information <<<Things happen for a reason>>>

FAST FORWARD AGAIN>>>> things happen for a reason
The vet hospital is now carrying a small collection of Mutts-n-Bones Dog Collars which up till now has been the biggest opportunity for my little business to get exposure to the Starkville Community. I love Smith Animal Hospital and now I have the opportunity to work with them. We're very happy!!! 

P.S. Chloe is doing awesome. One week off her meds and walking on her own. I no long need to carry her out to potty and no more hearing baby cry with every movement. She still walks like a pirate with a wooden leg but now she has her pirate nickname "Gimpy" thanks to my sister.

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