DIY Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

For the first time since I have had my dogs I am going to attempt to make Chanel her own costume. I always wanted to dress Chloe as little red riding hood and breaks my heart that I never did it. So after surfing the internet for ideas I thought I'd blog all the different ideas I found. 


~~Harry Potter~~ 
- Yellow and Red Fabric for tie
-Black material for cape ( Fleece or Felt maybe)
-White cotton fabric to sew on cape for collar. (cut up one your husband old shirts)
-Black twisty noodle for glasses


-White Sheet- cut some holes  BAM you got a costume!


-Green pain
-toiler rolls or paper towel roll


-balloons with string
-cardboard or felt squares glued together (for house)
-Markers/ Paint pens

FOR the SUPER Creative 
-a little time consuming-


~LadyGaga, Flo, Katy Perry, and Orbit Girl~

-some wigs
-some fabric
-you get the idea

 ~Tech Savvy~

too funny!

Also, check out this site for more inspiration

** Most pictures were found throughout the internet and pinterest. Images are for inspiration so get creative**

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