Day 33 of "Training a Puppy to be a Dog"

It's been 21 days since I last wrote about my new little buddy. I named him "Chicharito" (which means "little pea" in spanish) after one of my favorite Mexican soccer players. He's not my dog but I'm pretty much his mom from 7AM-5PM.

 He's growing at a fast rate and it makes me sad to see him grow. I wish puppies could stay puppies. They might make a mess, or destroy a good pair of shoes, but they are also the cutest things ever. They turn a bad day into a good day with a lick on the nose.

Day 12 Picture

Day 12: training a puppy to be a dog

Day 33 Picture

Isn't he adorable!?!
Right now he reminds me of BOLT, the dog from the cartoon. He has so much energy and he can play by himself for hours. He plays with his toys, my restroom carpets, and attempts to play with my dogs (not too successful with that one).

ADVICE: keep lots of toys, different kinds of toys around when he/she is not in their crate or gated room. They get bored and will move on to the next thing, if it's not another toy, it might be the newspaper or carpet (not good!!).

Also, he likes to sleep in tight spaces so I make a pillow fort when I notice he's getting sleepy. Otherwise he ends up in place where I can't find him and I freak out.

As for the potty training....he's getting the hang of it. I make sure to take him out when he wakes up, after he eats/drinks water, and before bed. He has his accidents but I make sure to raise my voice so he knows he did a NO-NO.

If you need advice on training a puppy to be a dog....check out this sites:
Advice: If you don't want to keep your puppy in a crate I recommend getting a gate and pick a small area to keep him/she in when you are not watching him. As they get older they will keep that spot as their room so pick a spot that is suitable for you and the puppy.  I recommend not keeping the food and water pool in there. 

Recommendation: I bought my gates online on amazon. There is no real different between baby gates and dog gates. Just make sure they are the right size for the doorway or where ever you plan to get him/her

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