Life with two mutts and a Lab!

Life with two Mutts and a Lab

I've come to realize that taking in Sara has not only been a transition for her but for us as well.
Not only did we have to make changes to our routine but we also need to jungle our affection between three dogs.
We've had to re-educate ourselves on dog care since our lab requires a little more attention to detail. (Turns out she might have food allergies)

The great thing is that I know a lot of people who have labs and their advice on raising a lab has been very helpful. Everything from what food to buy, what kind of shampoo to use, etc.
I thought it'd be a good idea to share their input as well as get others advice on lab care. 

For those just coming along, Sara is a dog I took into my home recently: Sara the rescue dog

FOOD ALLERGIES: The previous owners haven't been very responsive to my emails or phone calls as far as getting more information on Sara so I wasn't sure what kind of food they were giving her. I had to play a guessing game and do a little research online. I bought a 5 pound bag of Natural Balance Synergy dry food. I figure if I get a small bag, its not a huge waste of money if she doesn't respond well to it. So far she likes it but I noticed she's been scratching a lot so I made a appointment to see my vet and get her checked. In the meantime my co-worker mentioned buying her Grain Free dog food because she might have food allergies. He suggested buying her Nutri Source Grain Free Lamb Meal Formula. I'm waiting to see what the vet tells me before I go off and buy her another bag of food. 

Other advice given to me:  

*Feed her twice a day 2- 3 1/2 cups of food (with a measuring cup preferably).

*Use a elevated dog feeder to help with their digestive system since they are tall. (bonus on this idea is Chanel, my borderline obese dog, can't reach Sara bowl, just in case I leave the bowl unattended)

***If you have any other advice, please feel free to comment***


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