Life with a lab and two mutts...part 2


Life with two Mutts and a Lab

The changes that have taken over my life is unbelievable and wonderful all at the same time. Sara is adjusting so well, almost too well. She is no stranger to our home anymore, she's officially made herself the queen of OUR bed, when I come home I don't only get kisses...I get knocked over and than smothered in kisses, we've had to learn to put certain things away before going to bed (hide the trash can), she likes to slap you in the face when you try to ignore her wimpering, YES she slaps you and our other dogs. It's kind of funny but we still firmly tell her NO!

One thing I've learned is that she has very sensitive skin. We're no stranger to dogs with sensitive skin, Chanel has skin allergies, but Sara is doing to good with Oatmeal Shampoo I use on my other dogs so I've had to asked around for other ORGANIC options. 

For those just coming along, Sara is a dog I took into my home recently: Sara the rescue dog

DERMagic Dog Products: one of my co-workers recommended this line of products. I have yet to try it out but it seems perfect. He recommended I use the Peppermint and Tea Tree oil soap bar. It's a bit pricey but labs shouldn't be bathed to often so I think it will be well worth it.

Organic Pet Boutique I came across this website in search of alternative for bathing Sara. Everything from Organic foods to grooming supplies, to toys. Worth checking out especially if you love buying organic products. Plus Milo and Cesar (Organic Pet Boutique's two shih tzu's) are super cute!

I cam across this recipe through the NEST website for natural dog shampoo, and I am almost tempted to try it. Organic Dog Shampoo Recipe. Ever since I discovered Pinterest I have been making a lot of my own toner, foot scrub,moisturizers and now I can add Dog shampoo to the list. 

Please share any advice or recommendation you may have, I love hearing from everyone

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